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We know how to make major repairs to vehicles involved in collisions.

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Frame damage is more common than you might think. It happens often in car collisions and can go unnoticed by lesser body shops. Metroplex Collision Center is your home for frame straightening in Dallas-Fort Worth. If your vehicle’s frame is damaged, straightening it should be left to professionals. Any vehicle’s frame is the main structural support that everything rests upon. Operating a vehicle with a twisted or damaged frame is very dangerous. Here are some basics to help you understand how an auto body frame machine works to help you understand the process.

What’s an Auto Body Frame Machine?
A-frame straightening machine has a platform big enough to hold an SUV, car, or truck and two to three upright posts that can be rotated 360 degrees and moved along the platform perimeter. This makes it possible to work on different areas of the vehicle. The machines have evolved over the years, and some have computerized line-of-sight lasers that help the technician assess the extent of the damage and how far out of line the frame is.

How Does an Auto Body Frame Machine Work?

The damaged vehicle is driven or rolled onto the platform and bolted to rigid clamps that hold it in place. This is to prevent the vehicle from moving during the repairs. Chains on the towers are attached at different points on the frame based on where the diagnostics say frame straightening is needed. The tower’s hydraulics gradually increase the tension on the chains to pull the frame’s desired section back into shape. This process is repeated until the frame is back to the original manufacturer specifications and the vehicle drives properly.

For frame straightening in Dallas-Fort Worth, come to Metroplex Collision Center. We know how to make major repairs to vehicles involved in collisions. Call us or use our online estimating tool today.


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